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Animated Banners

Thank you to those who have been using AI6 Net’s Link Shortener.

if you are pleased with our service why not link back to AI6 Net? by including one of our Animated Banners on your website helps us to help others and in turn improves our shortener service.

We have created a range of animated and static images for you to use, if you have any idea's to improve our banners please let us know on the feedback page, additionally any idea's to improve the overall performance of the URL shortener is also welcome and of course any complaints too.

We hope you are satisfied with our FREE Custom Link Shortener, whilst we focus on expanding and improving it, if you have any problems please give us Feedback so we can further improve on our service.

You can find our animated banners here: Short Link Banners

Animated Banners

Written by: AI6 Team
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