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Blanket removal of FREE Sites for the Link Shortener.

This is a free service and unfortunately it is subject to abuse, over the past few weeks there has been a rise in the amount of other free services and site builders etc. on the internet linking to free accounts.

due to this and to protect others sites that use our service any anonymous account will not be able to link to another free service i.e. Free Websites, Free Redirection, Free Portals, Free developer tools etc. etc. and/or when found will be deleted if found to be abusive.

The URL Shortener is designed to link directly to a landing page of your site and to count your hits through that link any other purpose is not allowed, if you have a Free Site and you wish to use a link Shortener test your domain on the URL defender DB, if it is listed we have had multiple instances of sites being created for the sole purpose of deceiving visitors.

This does not necessarily mean the Free site itself is bad, just that (when mostly found) that its users abuse its service.

Again, we will introduce this capability in registered accounts.

Blanket removal of FREE Sites for the Link Shortener.

Written by: AI6 Team
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