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Click Statistics

Marketers know the importance of being able to track and analyse the performance of their campaigns. By integrating the new Shrunken Link Statistics our URL Shortener does exactly that.

Every short code created will now be provided with a corresponding link to a Shrunken Link Statistics page, here we will display the information collect from your short codes such as the clicks received during; today, this month and of all time. The amount of clicks per day for the month will also be shown as a line graph so you can visually see which days your links have a high click rate and which days don’t.This will help you see when your target audience is most active so you can optimise your posting schedule to be posting your content to the time it will receive the most engagement from your followers.

With the free anonymous link short code you will have your own Shrunken Link Stats page, this will allow marketers to not only track and monitor the performance of their links and in turn the effectiveness of the content containing the links but using multiple short codes will allow marketers to test and experiment with their content and different platforms.

You can do this by posting the same content with different short codes to different media platforms and comparing the performance of the short codes used to see what platforms your content gets more engagement on so you can decided where to focus your efforts.Alternately you can test different styles of content against your audience by adding a different short code to different types of posts and again comparing the results.

Though the Shrunken Link Statistics have been integrated with our URL Shortening service, our services remain absolutely FREE and subscription free. No logins required. However this means you will have to keep track of the short codes created as well as their links to their stats yourself.

A more in-depth version of the Shrunken Link Statistics along with account settings are currently in development.

Click Statistics

Written by: AI6 Team
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