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Defender now checks for Google threats!

Googles safe browsing, any new domains added that manage to pass our database are then tested against googles safe browsing algorithm and then included in our database if a threat is found.

If you are added to our database in this way and wish to be removed you will need to do this in the following order:

  1. Remove the threat on your site!
  2. Request with google for your site to be removed from their database.
  3. Request removal from our site via your account.

Threats usually would be removed automatically from our database; however, this is not immediate and guaranteed as we may have found other threats to ensure your site is removed please also request removal from us.

Please do this in the order above as it will only work against you if.

  1. The threat is not removed from your site.
  2. Google still finds the threat on your site.
  3. Our database still finds a threat AND/OR is still listed as a threat.
The defender database is still under BETA test but will be ready for public use and feasibly an API soon.
Defender now checks for Google threats!

Written by: Paul Gee
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