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Link Shortener Sandbox

During the constant evolution of our Link Shortener / URL defender a new part has been added called the Link Shortener Sandbox, this part of the program sifts through the various domains submitted and retains all the domains that cause suspicion i.e. A malicious domain OR An adult domain etc.

If the software finds a single page then it will prevent that page from working and serve a notice “at present these notices only indicate the category i.e. Adult, Malicious, Redirection etc.” however; in the future will include information on why, how to fix the problem and feasibly more information i.e. what type of virus and/or reasoning behind the ban and where to remove yourself from a list.

If the software finds more than a single page the whole domain will be banned and serve a notice this would follow that the whole site is likely to be compromised, on bigger sites i.e. FaceBook, YouTube as examples it would be unfair to do this and are treated differently within the mechanics of the software itself and via site filters, on these type of sites there may be several pages served with notices.

Bigger sites usually have stricter guidelines and enforcement measures that remove problem users and/or pages in a timely manor and therefore create less risk.

As with any type of filter it sometimes gets it wrong, as AI6 evolves and in these cases please tell us immediately for us to investigate via our contact and feedback forms.

Link Shortener Sandbox

Written by: AI6 Team
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