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No Adult Sites

Adult 18+ Sites (Read This 30-day Notice from 22/05/2019)

We have had an increasing number of adult sites adding links targeting 18+ sites, whilst we personally don’t have any opinion regarding this unfortunately others do!

AI6 is supposed to be a family and business site we cannot allow this type of link on the AI6 domain misleading the public to assume that AI6 links are safe.

In saying the above, we did not have an opinion on this until just recently (when pointed out by a few users) and we have a few xxx type site links that will be deleted after 30 days, we have allowed these links up until today.

Any new adult links created will be deleted immediately and an algorithm introduced to help prevent any new additions to the database, if you do have any existing adult links on our database you should get new links elsewhere on another site within the next 30 days as any existing links will be terminated.

We will be creating a new domain (using AI6 Software) specifically for adult type links in the next few days, until then please refrain from using AI6 for your adult type links.

Thank you

No Adult Sites

Written by: Paul Gee
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