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Sites hitting Link Shortener

AI6 is gradually becoming more popular thanks to all the support, however; along with that comes new area’s we need to look at for the security and protection of links coming in and out of AI6, Important area’s we had previously not even considered but are now coming to light along with the increased use of our site.

We have had to put the registered account system back on the shelf for a short while and the inclusion of a new over 18s site for dating sites etc. I apologise for this but from the outset the security and protection of the site is foremost also the capability to ensure that all links that are processed by our system are clean and heathy and are for family as well as business and marketing audiences.

Whilst we have been thrown another curved ball, we hope to sort this out post haste and should be back to the new accounts system in a few weeks.

Sites hitting Link Shortener

Written by: Paul Gee
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