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Submitting Feedback

As we continue to develop and improve AI6 NET, our user feedback becomes increasingly more valuable and very much appreciated.

As a free service anyone can create links on our website forms and fortunately we have defender filters in place to protect these links and to prevent certain links from ever being created in the first place but it’s not infallible and sometimes the occasional bad link slips through for this we need you’re feedback!

It is important when submitting error reports or queries to the feedback forms that you provide as much relevant information as possible so we can act upon and facilitate the request.

If we only know that you simply encountered an error and have not provided the necessary information required for us to find the problem unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

Not all form fields are required to submit feedback (i.e. Email and Domain) however these fields are useful and, in some cases, crucial to problem solving your report additionally we cannot contact you without an email address.

If you’re having an issue with one of your links, we need the URL/ Domain, as an example if you encounter a bad link going to a malicious site you only need to include our link https://ai6.net/xxxxx and write a little about what you have found.

However; as an example, if you have received an email with a bad link in it, we would require the information contained in that email, including headers if you have them and an email address to inform you that the link has been removed.

We aim to provide the best service we possibly can to you our users!
Submitting Feedback

Written by: AI6
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