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What is a URL Shortener?

URL shortening is a process and technique of converting a long Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to a shorter one. A shortened URL will be easier to remember and share with others, the short URL will direct a web browser to the original long URL by a process called URL redirection, although as quoted the (URL) itself may come in two parts the domain and folders with an additional query string.

What is a URL?

The full address of a (www.) World Wide Web page also called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) can be just a domain i.e. (oursight.co.uk) or (www.oursight.co.uk) and in addition there may be several pages, subdirectories, or commands after your URL, i.e. (oursight.co.uk/mydirectory/?mycommand=gohere&anothercommand=gothere ).

Everything after the question mark is called a query string (sometimes the entire URL is referred to as a query string) however the question mark is used as a separator between a URL and the query string and these can be exceptionally long reaching 64 characters or more.

What are Short Codes?

A Short Code is what we call a Domain String that has been through a link shortener. The Program converts the painfully long Domain link into a significantly shorter and more manageable one. Once converted they can be sent out or posted and work much like a standard URL link just a little shorter, so when they are clicked they will take you to the page of the Domain that was used to create the short code. Each short code is unique even if they are both converted from the same URL, that’s right you can have multiple short codes per Domain or specific link or URL.

What Program should you be using?

link shorteners are defiantly the hot new thing but they are certainly not new. There are many shorteners on the market already and it can be a time consuming struggle to find which one is the best for you. Lucky for you, I haven’t done my good deed of the day yet, so I will help you all out.

The URL Shortener Defender

Any domain being put through our URL shortening service will first be tested on URL defender database and if there is a possibility the domain could be harmful to the internet community or is listed on a malicious domain list or the DBL we will prevent that domain from creating and sending out our short codes in the link Shortener.

AI6.net probably the best URL shortener and only Domain shortener you will ever need!