URL Shortener Free Statistics

What it is?

Our Free Statistics has reached the beta phase and has been launched publicly for ALL to use (unless you are using a malicious domain).

This newest feature has been integrated with the URL Shortener and as promised will allow you to monitor and track the short codes you have created using our service.

For the short codes you create you will be provided statistics on the amount of clicks you have received; today, this month, and of all time. A line graph will also be created using the stats of your short code links over the period of a month.

Each short code link will have their own Free Statistics.

Why you need it?

Being able to monitor your short codes with the URL Shortener is just as important as using short codes.

Short code links will help to increase the engagement of your content but being able to monitor your short codes will allow you to test the performance of the ads and campaigns you are running, allowing you to see where your web traffic is coming from.

URL Shortener statistics will reveal how well your short codes are performing and which short codes are performing better than others, highlighting what posts or ads you should be promoting and which are under performing.

You can also use the data gathered in our Free Statistics to develop your content posting schedule as you will be able to see what days your links will be performing better on.

Another way you can use our statistics is to see what type of content performs better on different media platforms. You can do this by creating one piece of content but create three different short codes for the same URL. Posting the same content with a different short code to different media platforms then monitoring all the short codes used you will be able to see what platform your content is receiving more conversions.

Give it a try and if you are happy with the results, let us know with a good review.

How to access URL Shortener statistics?

The Free Statistics is currently completely free to use and doesn’t require any subscriptions or sign ups.

When you enter your ‘long link’ and hit the shorten button on the URL Shortener you will be given a short code and a QR code created from your long link, but now a link to your stats will also be generated. To view the stats page for your short code all you have to do is follow that link.

Be advised because no registration is required and no requirement for cookies you will have to make a copy of the link to your stats page yourself if you wish to view your stats at a later date. A spreadsheet is recommended so you can keep track of the short codes that have been created along with their Short Link Statistics page.

This is just for the basic version of the Short Link Statistics. We are currently developing a more in-depth statistics page with more fields and accounts setting so you can have all your short link information in one place this will require you to accept cookies that will keep track of your codes as well as logging you in.