Terms of use

AI6 has been created as a free service making long URL's easier, you may NOT use it for spamming or illegal activities and any URL found doing this will have their URL deleted from our system.

We have not set any limits to the use of the service i.e. how many clicks per month nor do you need to sign up for an account at this time, the basic URL redirection will always remain free, however; a click limit may be imposed if the service is abused and we will be improving the service at a later date to include click tracking and vanity URL'S.

News: 01/04/2019
AI6 has noticed a lot of Malware and virus sites using our site as redirection, we have incorporated several new facilities and upgrades to eliminate these threats automatically, although we do realise that some of these threats may be because an individual's site has been hacked and not directly their fault, we a presently working on an early warning system "additional feature" that will email you as soon as your site appears on one of these threat lists before removal from our system, your link will then be temporally suspended, Allowing you time to sort it out.

The above is in preparation for the account system we are also incorporating so you can manage your links and have more advanced features, please watch this space.

Please enjoy our service for now and we will keep you updated via this page or our soon to be newsletter :)