Terms of Service and Use


AI6 has been created as a free service making long URL's easier, you may NOT use it for spamming or illegal activities and any URL found doing this will have their URL deleted from our system.

AI6 NET was primarily designed for family and business and/or marketing use, any other use is expressly forbidden, it was built to link one URL to another to shorten the length of the original URL, our redirect service is designed to hit a landing page directly without being redirected again by another service (a practice commonly known as MASKING and used by both spammers and hackers) and will not be tolerated on any FREE link Shortener accounts.

Each URL submitted goes through several checks and is periodically checked by URL Defender to help eliminate threats and possible misuse of these terms rendering it pointless to create a URL in the first place as it will be deleted (without notice) for breaching these terms.

There is considerable help in this area from external database sources compiled on our very fast database, additionally; there is a whitelist and blacklist manually managed by supporters of our service, sites are quickly identified in this way in the following categories.


Parts of defender are automatic, i.e. your site may have been picked up on an external or internal blacklist OR the AI6 BOT found inappropriate words or images or files on your pages, the link itself may contain suspicious characters or words with a 99% probability in this case your link will be automatically suspended.

If at any point AI6 defender thinks that a link could be genuine but has any doubt i.e. usually in the case of a lower percentage then it is highlighted in a list to be manually checked (a bit like a Spam filter or box). At this point one of our staff will review the link and mark it either true or false, mistakes can easily be made so please inform us if there is a mistake, this helps us improve URL Defender which in turn helps everyone to stamp out Spam, illegal behavior, or unacceptable content for a family audience.

Short links showing Fraud and criminal content

ANY LINK found with fraudulent and/or illegal behavior and/or suspicion of doing so will be removed (and included in the defender database) this includes but is not limited to: credit card deception, forms indicating a false login to an otherwise popular site, links to inappropriate pictures or downloads, or suspected of doing so. we also reserve the right to remove any links “in our opinion” that show probable cause, if your pages and/or link is not intended and is not illegal or fraudulent please use the appropriate feedback forms to inform us and we will further investigate your claim, we can always recover a link if it has not expired.

Shortened URL'S with Hatred and/or persecution

We will not tolerate any form of hatred or persecution, bullying or offensive behavior this includes but is not limited to: Race, religion, beliefs, gender etc. anything that is intended to offend marginal or not will be removed.

Links with Adult and/or Under Age content and/or information unsuitable for Minors

Quite simply; paid or free AI6 is and was not designed for this type of sites, anything (any target site) that could be considered or construed as Adult Content, Not fit for a Minor and/or unsuitable for family viewing will be deleted immediately without notice.

Free Web Page Links

On a Link Shortener Free account we do not support sites hosted on free website services, these are more usually used (along with URL Shortener’s) by malicious sites and/or for displaying phishing webpages and/or virus and trojans, if you must use Free Hosting Services then you cannot use our Free Short Link Service.

Note: we will be offering a paid version in future where you can do this, the consensus is that if you pay for the Shortener service (with additional features) it is highly unlikely that you will abuse it! This part is undecided it may be a refundable deposit (loss of deposit if abused) or a monthly subscription.

Domain Link ROT

It is part of AI6’s mission to clean up after itself, so any page that responds with a 4XX or 5XX server Error will be suspended until we can connect again, if after 90 days the target URL remains in this condition then the link will be terminated.

This is also true of unused links, at this time we have not set the life of a free short link but it is more likely (in the future) to have a link unused expiry date, this could be 3/6/12 months since last hit timeframe, we are still accepting feedback on this.

The Bottom Line

We have not set any limits to the use of the service i.e. how many clicks per month nor do you need to sign up for an account at this time, the basic URL redirection will always remain free, however; a click limit may be imposed if the service is abused and we will be improving the service at a later date to include click tracking and vanity URL'S.

News: 01/04/2019
AI6 has noticed a lot of Malware and virus sites using our site as redirection, we have incorporated several new facilities and upgrades to eliminate these threats automatically, although we do realise that some of these threats may be because an individual's site has been hacked and not directly their fault, we a presently working on an early warning system "additional feature" that will email you as soon as your site appears on one of these threat lists before removal from our system, your link will then be temporally suspended, Allowing you time to sort it out.

The above is in preparation for the account system we are also incorporating so you can manage your links and have more advanced features, please watch this space.

Please enjoy our service for now and we will keep you updated via this page or our soon to be newsletter :)