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Get your browser Extension Here We have just put together a few extensions for you to try in your browser, they are presently designed to notify you of a malicious site listed on our database.


Perception and Reputation
Monitor the reputation of your domain names.

URL Defender

Stay Safe
Protect yourself from Viruses and spyware domains.

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Gain access to all our free services by staying off block lists.

What is a blacklist ?

A blacklist is a list and/or database of things proven untrustworthy, unacceptable, even harmful and therefore should be avoided.

Blacklists can be public or private and different blacklists relate to different topics or situations for example you can have a blacklists for brands and/or contractors that should be avoided as they proved their services untrustworthy by delivering and poor and broken final product.

Hollywood studios have their own blacklists of actors and directors they will never work with again after the deemed their behavior unacceptable.

The blacklists above relates specifically to domain names/ websites which have proven to be untrustworthy even harmful to its visitors.

some websites are categorised in a blacklist for instance as an ADULT site but would not necessarily be BAD to some users but it may offend other users and/or is not suitable for minors.

Why use a blocklist ?

Blacklists are used to avoid anything untrustworthy that can have a negative impact on you or your business or as a person.

The reason we have our own blacklist database and regularly query other domain blacklists is so we can protect both our sites reputation and your safety by not allowing links from domains deemed harmful to be redirected through our site.

The same blacklists are used with the Domain Defender (TM) browser extension to inform those who downloaded the extension whether or not a Domain is listed on a blacklist, indicating if the domain can be trusted.

How did I end up on a blacklist ?

Each blocklist will have their own specifications for ending up on a blacklist, all of which will include unacceptable behaviour and being proven to be untrustworthy. The behaviour that is deemed unacceptable varies with each topic the blacklists relates to.

  • The behavior that will find your domain name listed on our blacklist is as follows:

    • -Harmful content such as viruses and malware and spyware.
    • -Disrespectful content such as hate speech and discrimination
    • -Illegal content such as illegal movie streaming sites
    • -Adult content

We aim to provide a safe family friendly service, so any domains trying to create short codes that are neither safe nor family friendly will be added to our blacklist.

Adult content will be treated differently to malicious content and will not be indicated as harmful in the Domain Defender (TM) extension but a matter of choice.

How to remove

Some Blacklists will allow you to remove yourself from their database after you follow a set of procedures set by the blacklist to determine you are no longer a threat and your behaviour has improved.

Any domain containing illegal content found attempting to link through ai6 will remain on our blacklist permanently and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Adult domain names will be classified as adult instead of harmful and will be treated differently. Though they will not be able to create short codes on, being listed and classified as adult on our database will not be damaging to your domains reputation therefore adult site owners do not need to worry about removing their domain from our database.

To remove a harmful or disrespectful domain from our blacklist you must first remove all harmful and disrespectful content ensuring your site is safe for anyone visiting your domain. Once your site is virus, spyware and hate free submit a request to be removed our blacklist through our reports and feedback form.

We will then re-examine your site and if your site meets our terms and conditions your domain will be whitelisted and removed from the blacklist. Once your site has been removed from the blacklist it will be regularly checked by us to ensure that you continue to follow our terms and condition and if harmful or hateful content is found you will be immediately added back onto the blacklist and will be twice as hard to remove.

Virus and Trojan detection ...

We do not discriminate OR just restrict access to just one page on our blacklist, if your domain / page is infected then it’s highly likely your whole site is compromised in some way, the crackers may have a back door to your site and/or even login via your own control panel that you are unaware of.

For this reason, we blacklist the entire site as it is just a simple process “once compromised” for a cybercriminal to add additional files or gain unauthorized access for Trojans / viruses / spyware and keyloggers etc. even download personal account details from your database.

To stay out of trouble in this respect always ensure you have the latest updates from your software venders, wordpress is particularly a fond favorite for hackers although more likely crackers and if you are running an outdated version of wordpress it is more likely to get yourself hacked.