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Domain Defender Extensions (**NEW BETA**)

Get your browser Extension Here We have just put together a few extensions for you to try in your browser, they are presently designed to notify you of a malicious site listed on our database.


Perception and Reputation
Monitor the reputation of your domain names.

URL Defender

Stay Safe
Protect yourself from Viruses and harmful domains.

Site Protection

Free Domain Service
Gain access to all our free services by staying off block lists.

What is a URL Defender?

The reputation of a domain is not only important to the domain name owner but is integral to keeping users safe online, URL defender aims to not only protect internet users but to also preserve the reputation of your domains, it is also used on our URL Shortener to accomplish this.

Our Free Domain Shortener (redirection service) recently had quite a few redirections that had malicious targets, part of our terms is to not use our service in this way so we now use independent services for our database queries, AI6 USE Security providers, anti-virus and blacklist providers and vendors.

Why you need it?

Not every domain on any Domain Block List is necessarily a hacker or spammer. But it is an unfortunate fact that well-intentioned websites DO end up on one of these lists often due to no fault of their own for this reason you may consider this an unnecessary evil.

Looking at it another way and on the other hand if you are listed it is best to be aware of it as it could show i.e. a security vulnerability in your site and we think this is a more positive way of looking at block lists.

We don’t want to restrict the use of our services to those domains that’s why we decided to make our URL Defender public and free to use so you can test and monitor the reputation of your domains on our Free Link Checker.

So, if you are listed on a malicious database list you will know and can quickly take the necessary steps to regaining your reputation by getting your domain removed from any domain block list.

User Submissions?

Trusted Users as well as ourselves make submissions to the malicious sites URL defender database, this is now distributed to selected blacklists so that others are made aware of the potential risk.

Is it infallible?

In a word NO! If you are suspicious of a domain name you can use our URL defender in the same way we do, to check the reputation and reliability of any domain. For example if you want to follow a link from an email but don’t trust the source test it with the domain link checker and we will let you know whether or not the link should be trusted.

Please remember we cannot guarantee that if you use this service that a link you use may OR may not still be infected or a risk, new viruses and trojans are created every day the same as links to domains that contain them.

About Defender?

This free service is relatively new "as in" we are still improving it, during this process we hope to connect to many more databases to reduce the possibility of missing a potential threat, we may limit usage dependant on traffic in the future so please use our service responsibly.

We also intend to provide a white list and URL submission service; this will help you as well as other visitors especially if you locate a threat that no-one else knows about.

At present our system updates the defender threats database every 2 hours, any malicious threat is kept on OUR DATABASE for 30 days, our white list service will allow you to remove your domain from our threats list provided the threat is over 3 days old, However; we suggest you clean your site up first, remove your domain from any listed database service and then if your domain still appears on our list whitelist it at this point.

The reason for this is if you white list (remove from our list) your domain on our server and you are still listed elsewhere, it is extremely likely our server will blacklist you again when it next updates.

Domain Removal (Black list)!

We are improving the efficiency of the malicious database daily and domains are compiled into our database at regular intervals from different sources also daily and in some cases hourly, if you are on our blacklist and your site is listed then we can 99.99% guarantee you will be listed elsewhere, please refer to our sources above, at present there is no automatic removal apart from the 30 day time frame, this is (30 days from last check) i.e. if you were on a blacklist somewhere yesterday it will be another 29 days before your site is removed provided you do not appear on a blacklist in the interim period otherwise the clock resets for another 30 days.

This ensures that you have no re occurrences in this period, once our registration system is up and running and “you have been put in a position of trust” you will be able to add and delete domains from the black and white lists yourself, in the interim if you want a site removed from our lists at present there is a fee involved as it is a fairly extensive manual operation.