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Hello and thank you for using and visiting our service, whilst the Link Shortener and Defender Database is being built BETA tested we do require and appreciate visitor feedback as it helps us to improve the application which in turn benefits you :)

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You should never receive emails from us, we do not take or use email address at all, if you DO receive an email with a link from us please be assured it has not come from our site, please report it using the form below also please report the full landing URL you recived I.E. https://domain/xxxxxx!

Please fill in the on-line form and send us your comments and feedback Positive or negative as regardless it all helps towards making this service better, any details you provide are not shared with any third party and are used for the purpose of improving our service only, if you wish us to contact you please provide an email address otherwise it’s not required on this form the only requirement is that you type a minimum of 10 letters.

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Recent Feedback

blacklist: remove my email from your list now

  • 05/07/2019 Question posted by anonymous: blacklist: remove my email from your list now
    • Thank you for contacting us however we require more information.

      We do not store ANY emails at present for any reason and under GDRP and being a British UK site NOR would we send unsolicited emails, we suspect that this was a site using our link system, whomever this was can you please inform us of the site where you were sent so it can be marked as SPAM on our database? ADDITIONALLY; because of this recent complaint we will be adopting an email Spam list.

      thanks for using AI6.

  • 12/06/2019 Question posted by anonymous: error more bs dont waste My time
    • Depends what BS your talking about, unfortunately we only know you have received an error, we have no email for you and you have not expanded on what the problem was? and/or what site it was for or targeting? we agree you are wasting your time writing this message as you have supplied no useful information in order for us to help you :)

      thanks for using AI6.

  • 10/06/2019 Question posted by anonymous: idea Hi. I am interested in buying a URL shortener. Do you want to sell yours?
    • No thanks, However we can create a hosted version if you are interested? We have emailed you?

      thanks for using AI6.

form submissions like (error more bs dont waste My time?) "as the above" this has no meaning, try to explain why the site does not look right or what you were doing to receive the error and if possible, tell us what browser you are using and any other information that may be relevant to your query, If it’s a problem with a link you have created, give us the link code i.e. /XXXXXX so we can reproduce the error, so that way we can actually help you.

If your submission is about positive feedback OR recommendation, let us know if we can use it on our site and/or elsewhere :)

Recognition and thanks:
After your post to us: if the post is relevant and we find it useful we will give you recognition of the fact for example: if you submit a malicious site that turns out to be true, we will give you recognition by i.e. creating a link to your site and/or when future results are displayed of a malicious site informing users that you submitted it, of course if you do not require recognition please leave out things like your email address and/or webpage.

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