Short Codes and their benefits

You may be wondering how many benefits can there really be from just shortening a link? Well I am here to tell you that there are many.

Short codes being manageable with more freedom are perfect for marketing on character limited platforms such as social media and text messaging. That increased freedom comes from being able to include more characters in your message.

Sure, you don’t get an increased amount characters, the max limit remains the same but with a shorter link you have many of those characters returned to you to be used on the message you want to put out into the world.

We have all seen links that just go on line after line, looking more like a paragraph than a URL. Links which are so dominating in the post you complete make it easy to miss the message of the post when scrolling through. This can be costly to your brand and marketing efforts. You can’t just exclude the link because clicking the link is what you want from the post.

This is where you need short codes as they will never over shadow or drown out your message. With more room to express yourself and an increased visibility of the message, it improves the customer’s experience increasing the likes, shares, follows and conversion each post or message receives. Let’s face it, it looks significantly better too.

Enough about the aesthetics of short codes though let’s dive into the real benefit of short codes to marketers. Because of their unique nature and the ability to have multiple short codes per URL, short codes are more effective in tracking and analysing conversions and click data than the standard URL. By using a different short code each time you can track the click through rate of each short code which will allow you test the performance of each post, ad or landing page you run.

The fact that the short codes are real easy and simple to use is just the icing on an already fantastic cake.