Short Link Accounts

A Free Anonymous User

A Free Anonymous User DOES NOT have to be registered AND CAN use our service as follows:

A free anonymous user does not have to register, can use our service for free to link to their target page or service but must follow site rules and terms that we reserve the right to change at any time, the free part of our service will always remain free.

  • YOU ARE NOT required to register an account.
  • YOU DO NOT need to accept cookies.
  • YOU CAN use our free link creator ( URL Shortener ) to create links.
  • YOU CAN use our free defender ( URL Defender ) database search.
  • YOU CAN view their Shortened statistics for any link created that provide the following:
    • Hits all time
    • Todays hits
    • Hits this month
    • Hits graph over year (monthly)
  • Anonymous account statistics are reset at 12:00 GMT December 31st
  • YOU CANNOT use the Shortener to link to another redirection service or script.

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A Free registered User (Extended Service)

A Free registered User HAS TO BE registered with us to use our extended service AND CAN use our service as follows:

To receive further services beyond that of an anonymous account (ABOVE) A User HAS TO BE registered with us to use our additional services AND CAN use our service as follows once registered, this type of account still remains FREE.

  • YOU CAN still use the ( URL Shortener ) in anonymous mode.
  • YOU ARE required to accept cookies to use the service as registered.
  • YOUR ACCOUNT includes a user dashboard.
  • HAS ALL the same services as a Free Anonymous User above:
  • However will also include at present!
    • Ability to receive news updates on the site.
    • Ability to make suggestions.
    • Ability to alter their details within the account.
    • Ability to send complaints and support tickets.

-------------------- NEXT --------------------

The following is in anticipation and preparation for user accounts!

The following services are not available yet but you may be able to register an preliminary extended account above to get updates on the service status and new features as they are developed

  • Feature set Additional statistics:
    • Hits graph over month (Daily).
    • Hits Source URL to Target URL statistics.
    • Unique Hits all time
    • Unique Todays hits
    • Unique Hits this month
    • Unique Hits graph over year (monthly
    • Unique Hits graph over month (Daily).
    • Unique Hits Source URL to Target URL statistics.

  • Additional features:
    • user control panel.
    • ability to change name of link in ( URL Shortener ).
    • ability to reuse and redirect links in.
    • ability to store all links in one dashboard.
    • opt in and out of newsletters.
    • opt in and out of service status.
    • capability to alter user information.
    • ability to completely and irrevocably delete account.
    • ability to keep yearly statistics.