Denial of service

If you have been denied access to our service please read on to find out the reason, we would never wish to stop anyone using our service however; we have to protect our existing genuine users and their websites and also our own.

AI6 contains a great many filters and algorithms to prevent misuse of our service, below is a list of situations encountered and why these services are not allowed on the FREE version of the link Shortener, most of the following is due to continual and unrelenting abuse of the service and is now banned regardless of the circumstances, if for any reason you abuse this service the following is only part of the procedures put in place and we reserve the right to remove any account or link that in our opinion goes against our terms of service for the Link Shortener.

Over the last 6 months the following have been BANNED from the AI6 Redirection Service, below is an explanation to the reasons why we cannot offer such services on FREE accounts.

Email Campaigns Abuse Banned

we do not allow any links to be used as part of a mail campaign on the FREE version of Link Shortener, any links leading to pages that contain offers or subscriptions etc. will be removed and labeled suspicious content, this is due to a great many users and visitors using our links in spamming campaigns to hide their true identity and/or landing site name, it is against our terms of service to use AI6 in this fashion.

Affiliate Links Abuse Banned

affiliate links will also be removed for the same reasons as email preventing any campaign abuse 9 out of 10 affiliate links eventually end up being part of spamming and scamming campaigns and or redirection to another service, unfortunately; genuine and legitimate users suffer because of others in this regard and although unfair and due of the high level of abuse we cannot accept any affiliate links full stop, we will be introducing a paid version of AI6 in the future where these links can be used, don’t blame us blame all the others that came before you that think it’s OK to use a free service and send out their spammy links.

Redirection and/or Redirected Links Abuse Banned

when you create a link in the AI6 Link Shortener service it must go directly to the target page and/or site, if at any point during this process the link gets redirected for any reason that link will be removed from our service.

This is due to a variety of misuse not limited to redirection to SPAM sites, redirection to malicious sites containing viruses Trojans or pornographic content, we have found that once the link is established and appears to go to a genuine site the link is changed elsewhere to redirect it to a undesirable site, any form of redirection is BANNED on AI6.

Application (APP) services Abuse Banned

unfortunately another area of abuse, although a lot of hard-working genuine coders, hackers and programmers use application sites so do criminals and malicious coders, we found the ratio here a bit less 50/50 however; still abusive so again we have had to tar everyone with the same brush.

Application builders (malicious types) build applications not only to destroy someone’s phone but to deceive in general and/or to acquire personal information, obviously we cannot allow this behavior on our servers and alas every FREE application service is banned, if you use a PAID ONLY version let us know via the feedback forms.