Defender FAQ for Version &
Browser Extension Google Chrome


There are only two significant small changes in version

1. Instead of the banned page bar being enabled by default it is now disabled by default, a user must select the banned page bar before it will become active.
2. improvements to layout and text.


In Version for chrome we have made a few improvements in this build and carried out maintenance of the existing build for your browser, really this should be a major build change however; this version incorporates the original vision for version that was released under test a few months ago.

There are quite a few changes where the icon flags remain the same but are now more persistent when you change browser tabs and the WARNING icon now incorporates the original intended meaning as follows:

1. When you visit a GOOD site The icon will turn GREEN to indicate a site that is not considered BAD and has no WARNINGS as follows.

Good Site

2. When you visit a WARNING site, this is usually a site with history of some type of abuse, this does not indicate it’s either BAD or GOOD at this point, merely a warning for you to exercise caution when browsing the site! For instance, there may have been links uploaded by the sites users that lead to malicious code. The icon will turn AMBER to indicate a site with warnings as follows.

Our Site

3. When you visit a BAD site The icon will turn RED to indicate a site that is considered BAD and may have WARNINGS as follows.

Bad Site

4. The similarities now end from version and have been improved and extended, when you now click the icon in whatever condition either GOOD/WARNING/BAD you will notice there are now 3 TABS on the dropdown message as follows:

Good Site
Warning Site
Bad Site

5. When you click on the SETTINGS tab within the drop-down you will see the following:

Extension Settings

Note: All of the following can be disabled and you can use the application for just it’s change of icon capabilities as a notice, these extra functions have been added for those that require “more of a SHOUT” should they visit a bad site, we will extend this in future versions

This allows 3 settings at present enable/disable page dropdown for BAD sites, to enable/disable page drop-down for WARNING sites, and a token field with save capability.

Please also note: the token field is not operational at present and will provide notice when it is.

6. If you enable either the BAD or WARNING button in settings the following will be visible on every page you visit!

  • If its a BAD site:
    BAD page drop down

  • If you Dismiss the page drop-down you can always open it again with the TAB
    BAD page drop down dismissed

  • If its a WARNING site:
    WARNING page drop down

  • If you Dismiss the page drop-down you can always open it again with the TAB
  • WARNING page drop down dismissed

7. If you encounter any problems with AI6’s Domain Defender (TM) Extension you can let us know directly by using the “Create Feedback” link in the extensions “About” tab. also to the FAQ on this extension

The About tab also contains links to AI6’s URL Shortener and the Domain Defender page to provide you with quick and easy access to our services for those who have yet to favorite or those with too many favorites with hidden somewhere in the middle.

Extension About

To download AI6’s Domain Defender Extension (If you haven’t already) a link to the chrome webstore will be provided below:

  • Add to Google Chrome - Defender Extension on Chrome Web Store
  • AI6 Team