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This page is dedicated to the Domain Defender extensions compatible with the Firefox Browser.

If your preferred browser isn’t listed on our extensions page this means the defender extension isn’t available for your browser at this time. We are working on making the Defender available to more Internet browsers in the future.

You can get the FireFox Browser Extension by following links below:

  • Add to Firefox - Download Firefox Defender Extension From Mozilla Foundation

  • Firefox Extension - FEEDBACK OR REQUEST for this Browser extension?

  • Opera Google Chrome Firefox - MORE Browser extensions?

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    The Benefits!

    The idea for defender came from a desire to identify and prevent harmful and suspicious domains from creating short codes to link through our site to protect our website and our users.

    The Defender extension for Firefox shares the same principal and goal to help protect our users but in a more efficient and convenient package.

    Defender queries domains against multiple public databases and blacklists which will indicate the reputation of the domain and highlight whether or not a domain should be trusted. Because of Defenders ability to query multiple databases instead of just a single data base Defender has access to the most up-to-date information regarding suspicious domains and therefore can detect threats faster than sites with a single database.

    The URL Defender has proven to be highly popular with our users since it first launched, being used by domain owners to monitor their sites reputation or by our users to test suspicious links before they follow them. The Defender Extension can be used in the same way but is significantly more convenient. Instead of requiring you to copy and paste a link into the defender each time to test it the Defender extension will automatically query every domain you visit and indicate whether or not the domain is listed on any black lists with a color coded icon.

    One click glance at the defender extension icon will tell you everything you need to know about the sites reputation but if you wish to know more about the domains reputation you can click the icon and discover more

    (in development).

    For example if the domain is listed on a blacklist clicking the icon will reveal which blacklists it’s listed on.

    So even if you are running domain querying software like Google Safe Browsing you can still greatly benefit from the Defender extension as an added layer of security.

    The Defender extension is not a firewall and will not prevent virus, it merely indicates whether or not a domain is a known malicious or is a harmful domain.

    1. when you visit a GOOD site the icon will display as follows.

    Good Site

    2. when you visit a WARNING or our site the icon will display at present as follows.

    Our Site

    3. when you visit a BAD site the icon will display at present as follows.

    Bad Site

    4. when you CLICK a GOOD site icon you will see the following TAB.

    Bad Site

    5. when you CLICK a WARNING site icon you will see the following TAB.

    Bad Site

    6. when you CLICK a BAD site icon you will see the following TAB.

    Bad Site

    AI6 Team