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This page will go through the how the Defender extension works and its benefits specific to the chrome browser. Much of this page can be applied to the defender extension for other browsers, However if you do not use Chrome click the link to the browser relevant to you from the list of available browsers below.

We are currently working on making the defender extension available for more browsers so if your browser is not listed and you are interested in the extension keep an eye on our news feed or defender extension browser page.

You can get the Chrome Browser Extension by following links below:

  • Add to Google Chrome - Defender Extension on Chrome Web Store

  • The Benefits!

    The Defender extension shares many of the same benefits of the URL Defender itself, just in an easier and more convenient package for Google chrome. Instead of having to copy a link, go to our website and pasting the link into the URL Defender to query the link the Defender extension automatically queries the link of any page you visit.

    For those unfamiliar with the URL Defender, by querying multiple blacklists and databases that contain a list of domains that have been reported to contain viruses, send Spam or be malicious etc. Defender contains the most up-to-date information on malicious, suspicious and harmful domains.

    The Defender extension is no different; the same databases will be queried by the extension indicating the reputation of the page you are on. The Icon for the extension will be colour coded and indicate whether that domain is malicious, suspicious or not listed. Once you open the extension by clicking on the icon you will be provided with more information about the domain.

    Just because a domain is not listed doesn’t means it’s necessarily safe. All blacklists querying software will suffer from the same weakness including Google's Safe Browsing however Defender queries multiple public databases and blacklists including Google's Safe Browsing database meaning Defender can identify security risks faster than any one software querying just a single database.

    1. when you visit a GOOD site the icon will display as follows.

    Good Site

    2. when you visit a WARNING or our site the icon will display at present as follows.

    Our Site

    3. when you visit a BAD site the icon will display at present as follows.

    Bad Site

    4. when you CLICK a GOOD site icon you will see the following TAB.

    Bad Site

    5. when you CLICK a WARNING site icon you will see the following TAB.

    Bad Site

    6. when you CLICK a BAD site icon you will see the following TAB.

    Bad Site

    AI6 Team

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